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Research Paper: Source Evaluation #3: Notable Books

The NATIONAL WOMAN’S PARTY, a book written by Eric Foner and John A. Garraty, offers insight into Alice Paul’s contributions to winning women’s suffrage and her role after the Nineteenth Amendment was passed. Coming from Britain, Paul led a split off of the Congressional Union known as the National Women’s Party. The section I focused my research on centered around the newly formed NWP, which engaged in more aggressive methods of civil disobedience, similar to the ones used across the pond.

Likewise, the Suffrage Movement, lends information regarding the progression of the suffrage movement across the United States and the different groups which formed to support the cause. The source also depicts a more radical fight for rights, which began in Britain and soon evolved to reach America with supporters such as Alice Paul. In 1912, newspapers worldwide printed stories about the civil disobedience tactics used by the British suffragists, including hunger strikes, which led to force-feeding by British law enforcement officials. The source highlights the progression of the severity of civil disobedience tactics used in the U.S.: from boycotting the Democrats to picketing the White House.

As my research paper centers mainly around the more severe and aggressive acts of civil disobedience and the manner in which these tactics supported the women’s suffrage movement, each source offers valuable information. I discovered both of these books through the school’s subscription to ProQuest, an online database with several thousand credible resources. Both texts are strongly rooted in factual evidence, without claims or assertions, diminishing apparent bias. The only drawback to both of these selections is the inability to read the rest of the resource. Additionally, neither text went into detail on the hunger strikes in particular, and I am struggling to find a source which does.


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  1. mamarobertson4 mamarobertson4

    I think your best sources about the Hunger strikes are going to be primary docs i.e. Newspaper articles and editorials. You should also try and find some autobiographical sketches from Lucy Burns and Alice Paul. I am not sure how much you will need aside from the Newspaper articles, but there should be plenty out there to build your arguments. You are in terrific shape with a focus on the NWP. Well done.
    Grade: 50

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